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PT. Kyowa Tangguh Mandiri Indonesia

PT. Kyowa Tangguh Mandiri Indonesia

Kyowa is a Japanese security services company with years of experience in the security industry business with headquarters in Japan and other operating businesses in Singapore and Indonesia.

Kyowa Security Japan has been in the security industry for more than 40 years and now has more than 3000 workers in Japan. Kyowa Security in Singapore has been operating for more than 18 years and currently has more than 550 workers. PT. Kyowa Tangguh Mandiri Indonesia was established in December 2011 as a Foreign Capital Company in the field of Security Services in Indonesia under the name of the flag of Kyowa Japan and Kyowa Singapore with local partners in Indonesia.

Our business in Indonesia is focused on the whole concept of an integrated security approach. In this modern era, including knowledge from Security Technology. The presence of technology is now highly developed and changing environmental security with our expertise in merging in this region of Asia, we can offer various types of services in Indonesia.

The application of IT and Employment from each of them is not a single solution by itself but when combined toghether, its implementation can provide effective solutions to improve security. Integrated security solutions often combine scientific disciplines to achieve them. PT. Kyowa Tangguh Mandiri Indonesia has the necessary expertise and experience to help our clients achieve a better level of security.

Our Philosophy

Our general approach is the first to be proactive in establishing relationships with clients, understanding client desires, overcoming problems faced by clients. In this case, then, we will reach the target with a thourough research or evaluation of the location or event.

We donot believe in the "door to door" placement separately. Security for us is "effective security". We see the inner value "underlinded", which is beyond the reach of "evaluation reviews". Our proactive communication is also involved;  "Environmental Review". This involves location and community and will extend to "outside locations" if needed. "Intelligence" is a keyword. "Prevention" is another concept that we recommend. "Minimizing" other theories we describ. We believe that to effectively serve our clients, we must be thorough, thorough and complete in examinig all possible angles. Only that can be given as an effective solution. We cary out this methodology in all approaches.

Become a security services and quality management of human resources services.

1. Prioritize a quality that can satisfy the customer that will have an impact on the sustainability of profitable business for both parties.
2. Constantly improving the capabilites and expertise of the personnel, to create a competent, dedicated & highly motivated personnel according to company's culture.
3. Commitment to CSR through good corporate governance.
4. To create a good performance and a sustainable harmonius relationship between employee and management in company management and matters pertaining to manpower.

Our goal is reached of satisfaction of Clients and get as well maintain as market leader in each business we jumped in.
In security sector we provide reliable security services with high quality and service excellent.
Then keep maintain human resources existing.

We are management and assosiated elements of PT. Kyowa Tangguh Mandiri Indonesia continously to attempt services & solution to our clients following the support elements with concern of quality services & security goals to get optimal benefits.
We are commit in step and motion keeping pace with our mission and vission. Commit to improve the standard contiously is individual integrated as employee of PT. Kyowa Tangguh Mandiri Indonesia.

PT. Kyowa Tangguh Mandiri Indonesia

Your Trust In Safety And Security