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PT KTMI provides consulting services that can provide appropriate solutions to all security problems faced by consumers. This facility is provided for parties and companies that need an effective and efficient Security Management System (SMP) design, We provide the best consultation for those of you companies that need integrated and integrated security systems, so that clients do not need to worry about security and security systems in your company. We will provide the best security system services for our clients, both in the building security system, factory security systems, shopping center security systems, etc. With the experience we have in the field of security makes us always the foremost in making security system design. Our Security consulting team will conduct an assessment of business operations / objects that will be secured. Design and design security solutions to meet your needs. From defining problems to tactical and strategic planning, we can utilize various resources to secure your business. Our professional team starts by providing an in-depth evaluation of your risk profile. This allows us to recommend and provide effective solutions to your needs. For security consulting services We provide: Analysis and Assessment of Risk and Risk Anticipation Strategies Integrated and comprehensive security planning and security program design. Security development policies and procedures Security audit. The security consulting services provided by us are as follows: 1. Resolution of Conflict and Risk Management 2.Jasa and Management of Security Parameters.

Conduct surveys and at the same time design the use of security equipment that is tailored to customer needs, referring to the level of vulnerability. Providing training as personnel who will operate the security equipment until they are able to operate it. Conduct research and development in relation to the application of security equipment adapted to the demands of the times. Providing after-sales services and guarantees for security equipment purchased by customers. Providing maintenance services for security equipment purchased by customers periodically. PT. KYOWA TANGGUH MANDIRI INDONESIA is engaged in the procurement and application of technology equipment and security equipment. We provide various kinds of equipment and equipment technology that relates to security or security for personal, home, office, factory or institution as well as organizations. ONE STOP SERVICE is our effort in helping and meeting the demands and expectations of customers and partners where customers can meet all their needs in an appropriate, timely and timely manner
Security guard training is very useful for establishing and teaching discipline to security guards. A prospective security guard will also be trained until proficient in operating security equipment and anticipating dangerous things. There are several things that are done to train the prospective security guards, namely quality, quantity, time, and financing. All types of training will be useful to improve the performance of prospective security guards before they are thrown into the world of work. They are all equipped with security methods in accordance with the procedures that develop today. The first concept carried by trainers is quality. This quality is divided into several dimensions to meet the standards of modern companies. In order to realize several qualifications, several companies also held several education, training and workshops for their employees. Usually these companies have and determine their own standards. They expect that there will be an increase in the performance of their employees, including security guards. Basic skills education and special skills are two trainings which are often used as mandatory training. This training usually works with local area police units or security services companies that already have permission from the police. The second security guard training is about quantity. Quantity increases are usually used by large-scale companies that are production oriented. Because these companies usually assign the amount of their resources, including production resources and human resources. These two resources when combined will produce abundant production and can bring profitable profits. Logically, company owners are able to spend so much investment and they expect balanced results or even more than the investment they spend.

Security guard training services owned by PT. Kyowa Tangguh Mandiri Indonesia (KTMI) with instructors / trainers to train prospective security guards, and supported by coaches who understand the preparation of teaching methods to produce professional security training services. The security guard is very important as the first door is passed by guests or clients. As a security guard company, we are ready to procure personnel who have taken basic security guards to be placed to maintain security and security according to the characteristics of each region. For security officers who have never attended an education, training or security guard training, they may have difficulty carrying out their duties and functions. To become a security guard, the first thing to do is to follow the basic security guard training. By taking part in security guard training, prospective security guards get adequate knowledge and skills / abilities and support the work as security guards. Security guard training services with concepts and methods are compiled all the analysis of good thinking, resulting in a targeted learning curriculum for students, supported by facilities and infrastructures that are very adequate learning training also educated by highly dedicated instructors / coaches, experienced practitioners, professional scholars in their fields also by our POLRI Middle Officers develop human resource devisions, manage security guard training services. At present there are still many companies that have security guards / security members who have never attended security guard training. KTMI serves periodic security guard training services ready to be present at the location of the company of the ladies and gentlemen. Security guard training services that we offer issue certificates or graduation marks that have followed the basis of security guard training.

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